Products: EA10 General Motor Driver

General Description

 EA10 is ASIC for motor drive in small power application. To drive FAN motor, this device produces suitable driving current around 130mA. Specially for coreless inductor FAN application, it has a gain to realize rising and falling time slope. EA10 has fixed gain around 34dB and it has Built-in TACO function with minimal number of external component. Driving output signal can be easily controlled by hall element which is connected directly to the IC it self.  It has a advanced feature of soft-switching. There are no switching noise problem. EA10 is molded small outline package which has a benefit to reduce the size of FAN

General Feature

< Output Driving current rate

  Normal operation Vcc = 12V, Icc = 130mA

  Locked condition Vcc= 12V, Icc(max)=180mA

< Low Output Drop < 1.5V (at Icc(max))

< Few External components

< Short circuit protection included


< Personal computer

< Consumer and OA electrics

Data Sheet

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 EA10 General Motor driver (68 Kbytes; 4-MAY-01)

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